Winter adventure in the Caribbean

Be where the sun and sandy beaches are, and where time flows to the beat of reggae rhythm!

Grenada – an island abundant with the fragrant scent of thousands of spices and chocolate, welcomes you with its’ sun and uniquely coloured sea. From here, you can reach one of the most beautiful places on earth in just a few hours. Tobago Cays is a breathtaking little archipelago of unpopulated islands surrounded by coral reefs. It is the perfect place for snorkeling. With its’ vast array of sea turtles and colorful fish, it boasts the beautiful parrotfish and graceful rays! Around the uninhabited snow white sanded islets, residents of the surrounding islands include “Boat boys” who are willing to assist you with mooring. In the morning they set sail on their fast motorboats bringing delicious banana cake and bread. You can also order freshly caught fish delivered directly to the deck or afresh  lobster dinner served on a desert island.

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