Sailing with children

Sailing holidays with children – What type of vessel to sail on? What to remember? When is the best time to embark on your first cruise?

A catamaran charter is a great way to spend a family vacation, not only for seasoned sailors, but also for those who have never sailed before. Relaxing on the deck of the yacht can be a lot of fun and a great way to explore your surroundings. You’ll be delighted to discover the Croatian coast from the water side, not to mention the Caribbean cruise, which is best experienced from the deck of your yacht.

Many of our guests are families with children. There is no minimum age limit to start a sailing adventure and you can safely charter a yacht, even with a few months old baby – we’re sure that you’ll all have a great time!

When planning a holiday on the water with children it is best to choose a catamaran (sailing or power). Unlike monohull yachts, catamarans are stable and practically do not heel over, so children can feel at ease both inside and outside the yacht. Another advantage of catamarans is the space: large cabins, living room, kitchen, wide cockpit or bow deck, all to make your cruise comfortable and fun. On the living room table you can not only draw or play board games, but also build real constructions from blocks. The favourite place for all children (but also adults) is the net suspended between the bows – it’s like having your own trampoline available at any time!

A cruise is an unforgettable adventure for children – they for sure won’t get bored with the daily sea baths and visiting new places every day. One day, you’ll visit old towns and ancient fortresses, and then play the real pirates on one (of plenty) uninhabited islands. It is also worthwhile to involve young sailors in various yacht duties – depending on their age – they may be responsible for turning on the anchor lights when you are at anchor berth, filling up water tanks, helping the captain to control the boat or keeping the order on the yacht.

A yacht like at home

The Yachting Club catamarans are exceptionally comfortable. The kitchen on each of our yachts is fully equipped with all the necessary equipment such as dishes, cutlery, bowls pots and pans. You can easily prepare your favourite meals for the little sailors: there’s nothing more delicious than enjoying pancakes with fruit and chocolate on board of a yacht!

What to bear in mind when sailing with children:

Safety first! At the Yachting Club we will provide you with special children’s life-jackets, we suggest that children wear them throughout the cruise, even if they can already swim.
Toys and inflatables. For fun on the water (not just for children), we have in our base inflatable mattresses, wheels, pelicans and unicorns. Bring along some of your favourite toys too – on a stable catamaran you can play with everything – puzzles and Lego blocks can be easily placed on a table in the cockpit or in the living room.
– Adapt the cruise time to the age of the children. Kids love to be on the move, there’s no need to explain it to anyone – so when planning a cruise with a few-year-olds, try to make the daily routes not too long. Our experience shows that a 4-5 hour cruise is an optimal time for little sailors. After this time it is worth to make a break, even for a short bath.
SUPs, kayaking and snorkeling. We recommend taking equipment that will make your cruise even more attractive – exploring islets with a kayak or SUP is a great fun. Not only for the little ones. And watching the underwater world with a mask and a tube is an hour-long fun for the whole family (all these equipment can be rented from the Yachting Club base).
– While in our opinion it’s best to spend time actively and outdoors, we know that sometimes it is nice to relax just watching a movie or browsing the Net – on our yachts you can have access to WiFi, TV and DVD.
Sunscreens and a suitable outfit. Remember to pack bathing suits and UV clothes for children when heading to your sailing holidays. Sunscreens, preferably those that are safe for underwater life and coral reefs, are definitely a must. And if you’ll be sailing in Croatia before or after the season – it’s worth taking a storm jackets and wellingtons.

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