YACHTVESTEMENTTM is an effective way to earn from Lagoon catamaran chartering.

We have combined experience in the yacht, charter and financial industry, and have created an investment offer with an attractive rate of return. The catamaran is financed, to a large extent, from external sources (leasing) for 5 to 6 years.

Why a catamaran?

For several years we have been observing a constantly growing interest in tourist catamarans on the charter market.

The choice of a catamaran is determined by the comfort that this unit offers, with a large space that provides free and safe navigation for families with small children. A low draft allows mooring almost anywhere and gives the opportunity to take full advantage of the charms of small, shallow coves and anchorages.


is the minimum percentage of a catamaran’s occupancy in the high season. This translates into liquidity for the participants of the YachtvestmentTM  project.


1. obtaining a catamaran
2. przekazanie jachtu do operatora
3. catamaran’s charter (5–6 years)
4. resale of the catamaran
5. project billing – implementation of the profits


Dołącz do grona armatorów, których jachty przynoszą wymierne korzyści finansowe.

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