Greece is a mixture of new and old, a place where the night is filled with singing and dancing like from the iconic Zorba the Greek, and the day reveals sun-drenched ancient cities and charming marinas, in which, next to luxurious superyachts, there are fishing boats full of nets and seafood.

Considered the cradle of European civilization, Greece will delight you at every step. Athens, with the Acropolis majestically towering above the city, will be the perfect start of your unforgettable Greek holidays. The Yachting Club is located in the Zea Marina, from where you can go to the bustling centre of Athens before the start of the charter.



No matter if you are looking for tranquillity on the blue water and sun or if you prefer an active holiday, Greece is a great choice for you. Greece has over 2,500 (!) islands and islets, and only 165 of them are inhabited–you will certainly find a perfect place for yourself. Leaving Athens, be sure to check out the Cyclades–in this archipelago, consisting of 10 islands, you will get to know the genuine Greeks with their famous hospitality and cordiality. All the essentials of a successful holiday–mountains, sun, picturesque towns and beautiful bays–can be found right here. Here lies Santorini, considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world, woven from white houses with characteristic blue roofs. In fact, this island is the tip of a huge volcano protruding from the sea. The local beaches are black and red from volcanic dust.

Mykonos – is a rocky island, famous for its lively nightlife, full of songs and dances under the starry sky. Exquisite clubs, excellent restaurants right next to the sea and charming narrow streets full of cosy cafés, small boutiques and confectioneries serving the best baklava under the sun.

Paros – one of the most beautiful islands on the Aegean Sea, known primarily for marble. The famous Venus de Milo and Nike of Samothrace were carved from the local stone. It is worth visiting Parikia, the capital of the island with the ruins of the Venetian castle and see the Byzantine church of Ekatontapiliani. The island is overgrown with palm groves and vineyards, yielding under the weight of juicy and sweet grapes in late summer.

Milos is characterized by light rocks immersed in turquoise water, natural thermal springs and mineral deposits. Despite the growing popularity, the island tries to preserve its original character, so if you are looking for tranquillity, you will certainly find yourself in Milos. The Greeks call it the island of lovers–this is where the famous statue of the goddess of love, Venus de Milo, comes from.

The Saronic Gulf is another beautiful area located near Athens, which is perfect for exploring onboard a yacht. This reservoir offers a changing landscape, wonderful coves and anchorages ideal for water games and sea bathing as well as ancient monuments. The most important attractions that await you during the cruise are:

Epidaurus: a village located in a sheltered bay, famous for its well-preserved ancient theatre from the 4th century BC. You will be delighted and amazed by the excellent acoustics of this place. In the summer, at the sunset, ancient plays are staged here.

Poros: a picturesque town with colourful houses on the steep slopes and bustling seaside cafés and boutiques.

Hydra – a beautiful island with an old marina in the very centre of the city. In the summer it’s quite crowded here, but it’s really worth getting here early and reserving a place. We are sure that this will be one of your favourite places on the Aegean Sea. The island has preserved the architecture of the 18th century, with beautiful, white and pastel, stone residences of merchants and captains on the hills surrounding the harbour. There are no cars on Hydra, and all transport takes place on the backs of donkeys.

Spetses: the island was called the Isle of Aromas, by the Venetians, because of the stunning mix of the smells of cypress, pine forests, wild herbs and the sea. One of the most beautiful places to swim is the tiny bay of Pisina located in the south of the island.

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