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welcome to paradise!



The Lesser Antilles seen from space resemble a string of pearls thrown into the ocean. Immersed in the emerald blue, the palm-covered tropical islands glisten with golden sandy beaches.




Grenada, where The Yachting Club base is located, is a spicy gem.

The sand of Grand Anse Beach is so pure is seems to have an inner radiance, and diving in the turquoise waters is sublime (and you’ll likely have some sea turtles for company).


The towns are bright tropical colours accenting lush, green hillsides. The two tiny charms, Carriacou and Petit Martinique, are worth laying anchor at for their idyllic, isolated and intoxicating atmosphere – the perfect hideaway. Advanced divers can head to the Bianca C shipwreck (called the Titanic of the Caribbean). The 180m-long liner sits in clear waters after an explosion that occurred in 1961.

The Caribbean islands have been shaped by nature and history. Each and every island is different in this place where British, French, Dutch and Spanish speaking islands merge into a tropical melting pot. The fresh trade wind breeze cools the air and allows you to sail from Grenada to the British Virgin Islands through dozens of magical destinations.


It is impossible to experience all the attractions of the Caribbean during just one trip. There are so many first-rate attractions that you will need to come back several times to enjoy all of them. The list below shows a whole range of paradise destinations to choose from:


Any beach in the Caribbean would be a contender in a “world’s best beach” contest. However, there are some that should definitely not be missed. Walking “The Baths” in Virgin Gorda and seeing the sky-high boulders is an unforgettable experience. The north coast of Anegada is a wonder of solitude. St Maarten’s Maho Beach is famous for its views of planes landing, and Barbuda is known for its pink-shell beach.

Martinique Mon Diamant is a perfect Caribbean spot where palms sway and the trade wind blows. The Grenadines offer at least a dozen first-rate beaches where you can anchor your yacht and enjoy the day with just your crew, sand and turquoise water.


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