Autumn in Croatia

Check out our subjective list of the most important autumn attractions and the most desirable destinations!

Croatia is one of the most popular chartered yacht destinations and a perfect place for sailing holidays. Most tourists come here from mid-June to the end of August, but there are also many reasons to visit Croatia in the off-season. You can still enjoy warm and sunny weather throughout September and October, and the warm sea – heated up by the summer sun – invites you to take a dip. In addition, we have prepared very attractive charter offers for the off-season with or without a skipper.

The less crowded cities and the most popular islands allow you to discover their true beauty, and with a good choice of artistic fall events you’ll be sure to find something that gets your heart going. In the fall, Croatia has a lot to offer, from beautiful landscapes slowly changing color, through cultural events and music festivals, to culinary festivals. Keep reading for our subjective list of the most important autumn attractions and the most desirable destinations:



Krka River National Park

The Krka River National Park is stunning at any time of the year, and in the fall – when the leaves slowly change colors – a walk through this outstanding region is an unforgettable (and very photogenic) experience. Starting in our charter base in Šibenik, it only takes 1.5 hours to reach the charming town of Skradin, where the shuttle boat takes you deep into the national park.


Autumn Pearls – Black and White Truffles

One of the most beloved delicacies is mushrooms with an unusual appearance, smell and aroma. The truffles growing on the Istrian peninsula are considered some of the best in the world, and white truffles in Europe are found only in two places – in the Alba region of Italy and precisely on the Istrian peninsula. In the fall, specially trained dogs hunt underground for those mushrooms, which become the main star of the menus in nearby restaurants (e.g., in risotto, omelets, tartare or carpaccio with truffles).


Young Wine

The beginning of the fall is the time when Croats have local young wine tastings. Almost every town in Croatia boasts its own type of wine: we especially recommend a visit to Primosten. Such wine festivals are a rare opportunity to try local drinks and dishes, and a great chance to meet the locals.


Mandarine Bounty

The Nervete River Delta is famous for its tangerine fields, where the harvest of these delicious, sweet and vitamin C rich fruit is held in the fall. The entire Nervete region has about 1.3 million trees, which produce over 60 tons of fruit every year. Tourists can take part in an organized harvest: you’ll be trained by a field worker, you’ll learn about the history of cultivation in this area and then – equipped with the right tools – you can try your hand at picking the fruit. You can collect as many tangerines as you can carry!

5. Foodies should definitely visit Dubrovnik, where the Good Food Festival takes place from October 14 to 20. This delightful gastronomic event provides a chance to sample traditional Croatian dishes, but also to take part in a plethora of culinary and photo workshops. The highlight of the festival is the “Dubrovnik Table (Dubrovačka trpeza).” A long table is set up along the entire span of Stradun Street, at which all participants can feast together and discover the genuine flavors of the rich Adriatic cuisine.


Food & Music in Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is a city you’re sure to fall in love with. This beautiful place with red roofs and white, marble streets never fails to captivate tourists. If you combine your stay there with a musical feast during one of the festivals, you’ll be in heaven!

Be sure to check out the following events:
International Late Summer Music Festival (30.08–24.09)
Autumn Music Variety (15.10–25.10)
Stradun Classic (4.10–11.10)


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