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Yachting for everyone!

Sail a private yacht to the world’s most exciting destinations. The Family & Friends Yachting Club is the easiest way to embark on your next sailing holiday.
Whether you are new to sailing or an experienced skipper we offer a wide selection of great yachts and catamarans that will take you to the world’s most coveted destinations. You can stand at the helm of your yacht, or avail yourself of one of our experienced crew members if you need a skipper or hostess.

Just do it!

  1. Select your destination: in summer, sail under the Mediterranean sun in Croatia, Greece, Italy or Turkey, and in winter, soak up the sun in the Caribbean, the BVI or Thailand.

  2. Assemble a crew: bring your friends or family along for an unforgettable adventure. Our boats can accommodate from 6 to 12 guests.

  3. Find your yacht: we will help you select the best yacht to suit your needs. You can relax knowing that your sailing vacation is in expert hands.

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Explorers, welcome!

Hidden coves, ancient trails and secluded beaches await you. We believe that real journeys begin with discovery. We have sailed tens of thousands of miles at all latitudes and are eager to share our knowledge with you. Our unique Destination Guides for each location will allow you to get right to exploring both land and sea.

What is it worth?

From small cruisers to proud superyachts prices can fit any budget. You select the boat class, size and number of people sailing.

High quality yachts start at as little as Euro 300-400 / person / week and can go up to several thousand euros.

The average price for a one week voyage is 450 euros per person on a sailing yacht and 750 euros per person in a catamaran.

Your private yacht charter at average 450 Euro / person / week

Our own fleet

As a professional yacht broker and charter agency we know the yachts you charter inside and out. All our vessels are designed for charter, and we have followed them closely from their first voyage. The yachts and catamarans are part of our own fleet: this is why we know everything about each vessel we offer. Should all our yachts be unavailable, we have connections to the best professionals in the field who share our values and we guarantee the quality and standard of their fleet.

What is included?

Sailing is an exclusive, wonderful and natural way of travelling. Our yachts are fully equipped to allow for a comfortable time on board. Take a look at the list of what’s included in the price of each of our charters!

Your private yacht charter at average 450 Euro / person / week

Hire a skipper

Relax and let a professional handle your yacht. You can dive into the magic of sailing and learn the ropes and winds, or simply lay back and enjoy the ride to another breathtaking destination.

Our skippers are not only skilled yacht handlers, but above all, they love their job and interacting with people. They will share with you both their sailing skills and insider knowledge of destinations.

Hire a hostess

Looking for an all-inclusive holiday? Hire a host or hostess.

Our host or hostess will make your yachting holiday comfortable and relaxing. He or she can prepare delicious meals, wash up, shop for groceries. For a worry-free holiday!

General: yacht rental, yacht insurance, all taxes, pre- and post-charter cleaning, transit log

Yacht equipment: navigation equipment, motorised dinghy, sheets, blankets and towels

The Yachting Club specials: welcome package, Destination Guide, 24/7 emergency number

Additional costs:
In addition to yacht rental, you are responsible for fuel costs and port fees. Services vary depending on the type of yacht and destination. You can choose between high-end marinas and chic restaurants or anchoring for free and prepare a delicious meal on board. If you opt for a combination of these two styles, the average additional cost per person is around 130-180 Euro / week / person and includes: yacht fuel, marina fees, water resupply and yacht provisioning.

Who are our skippers?
In The Yachting Club we believe a skipper is not only a captain but also a guide and a friend. Our skippers are professional sailors, fully licensed and holding the highest sailing certificates.

They have several thousand miles of sailing experience. The presence of our skipper on board will greatly enhance your holiday: he/she will take care of navigation, weather forecasts, check in and check out…

Have a look at the skipper’s responsibilities:

In port

  • Check-in and check-out – several hours of technical, operational and paperwork at check-in. The Skipper will fulfil these tasks while you can enjoy the time visiting nearby attractions.
  • Checking weather forecasts and sea conditions
  • Preparing daily sailing itineraries and suggesting activities
  • Keeping the yacht in good technical condition
  • Cleaning the yacht deck
  • Resupplying water and fuel. Connecting electricity.
  • Handling harbour fees and submitting necessary documents to the authorities.
  • Local guidance – shops, restaurants, car and motor rentals.

At sea

  • Navigating the yacht – Would you like to sunbathe or read a book? The captain is at the helm and you can relax.
  • Sailing instructions – Would you like to learn about ropes and sails or modern navigation tools? Our skippers are here to share their knowledge with you and explain everything you want to know.
  • Supervising the yacht when the anchor is down

Have this in mind when hiring a skipper:

  • Skipper will need his/her own cabin / berth on the boat.
  • You provide skipper’s food.
  • Skipper’s duties do not include:
    Cooking and dishwashing
    Cleaning the yacht’s interior
    Shopping for food

Your own chef: our hosts and hostesses are professionally trained yacht attendants. They are your personal guides to local delicacies, wines and seafood.

Your host or hostess will be in touch with you several weeks prior to your holiday to plan the menu according to your preferences.

On board, he or she is responsible for preparing breakfast, lunch and snacks during the day, as well as dinner when you are not going out to restaurants. The host or hostess will also keep the interior of your yacht tidy and fresh.

Marine experience – all our hostesses are marine trained so they can help during dock manoeuvres and some sailing activities.

Have this in mind when hiring a host or hostess:

  • Host or hostess will need his/her own cabin / berth on the boat.
  • You provide host or hostess’s food.
  • Host/Hostess duties do not include: navigation or steering the yacht, babysitting, cabin cleaning

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