North Sea / Arctic

A thousand mile coastline has everything you need - busy cities, national parks and glaciers.


Norway and the Arctic

Norway is a cruising paradise that has been discovered by few. Mountains are sunken into the ocean here and colourful houses in the fairytale like fisherman villages glitter in a midnight sun. A thousand mile coastline has everything you need – busy cities, national parks and glaciers. From midnight sun to northern lights – thanks to the gulf stream that carry warm caribbean waters to the Arctic, the sailing season is year round here.


From Oslo to Nordkapp the coastline of Norway is spread over more than 1000 nautical miles, but the fjords and islands make it one of the worlds longest coastline counting over
25 000 kilometers. Norwegians are known for their love to outdoors. Here is where you can ski, bike, hike, ski and paraglide in a single day.

A yacht is a perfect mobile base camp to explore countless fjords and trails. Just take your backpack and enjoy hiking the unexplored fjords with unforgettable views. Best time is from May until September.

Norway is where skiing was invented and that is the place to enjoy it. From February until April there are the best conditions for skiing. We will get to the most stunning off-piste slopes and skiing resorts. After a day of skiing the catamaran will wait for you in a calm waters of the fjord.

Lofoten is a magical archipelago of mountain range sunken into the sea. Deep fjords, steep mountains and picturesque villages are a perfect setting for photographers. Together with Vertical Shot Expeditions we are proud to offer the only sailing photograpic expeditions in the region. Our world class tutors, experienced crew and guides will make you bring home the shot of your life

The magic of northern lights is not to compare with anything else. Green, blue and even reddish curtains are dancing in the thin air of arctic night. The best way to observe them is from the catamaran anchored in the calm bay where no light pollution exists. Thanks to the gulf stream the waters of Norway never freeze and you can enjoy northern light from September until April. Catamarans are equipped with heating and cockpit cover so your stay is comfortable as in a mountain hut.

Weather and sailing conditions

Weather patterns varies in Norway. In May and June you will experience light winds and sunny weather that together with blooming nature and long days make it a favourite time for easy sailing. Coastal mountain ranges are still covered in snow what makes the atmosphere unique. Summers last from mid-June until the end of August, with the temperature varying from very warm days when you are willing to plunge into fjord waters to fresh and cloudy days. Rain is seen mostly in July but it rarely lasts more than a day or two. Autumn has long periods of sunny and mild weather that last until mid-October. These are patched with some windy and rainy days, and this is a favourite time for those who like to face the elements.
Winter sailing season lasts from December through April. You will experience mostly temperatures between -10 to + 5 celsius.

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