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Lagoon 560 Blue Ocean

The evergreen island

Sardinia is an Italian island located on the Mediterranean. Its attractions include beautiful, clean beaches, picturesque, rocky coasts and impressive mountain peaks. Thanks to the large number of sunny days each year, it is called the “evergreen” island. Sardinia offers a very diverse coastline and lovely bays to moor in. Must-see items include the Emerald Coast, megalithic towers built two thousand years B.C., flamingos in a huge nature reserve of Costa Paradiso.

Lagoon 560 Blue Ocean

The yacht, a Lagoon 560 catamaran, is an exclusive, super-comfortable offshore cruising vessel with an international certificate to carry 14 persons without limitations and up to 30 persons while in coastal waters.

The catamaran’s qualities (low draught and great manoeuvreability – the ability to make a 360-degree turn), make her an ideal vessel for manoeuvres in any port and cruising in interesting waters (e.g. coral reefs).

The absence of listing while sailing and the yacht’s size make it comfortable for first-timers or those who suffer from seasickness.

The catamaran houses four double guest cabins, each fully air-conditioned and with a head (bathroom). Each cabin is equipped with a set of towels and bed linen. The crew (skipper and a hostess) is accommodated in a separate area.

The galley is equipped with a five-burner gas stove, oven, microwave with grill, coffee machine, 3 fridges, freezer, wine cabinet, ice cube maker, dishwasher and other things.

The yacht is handed over at a time and place convenient for the charterer, within the pre-determined dates and waters where the catamaran sails. Upon request, we can deliver the yacht to any port in the current area. The price for this service is settled individually. We can also provide our Customers with a “one way” option, which means that the charter begins at one place and ends at another, although normally the starting port is also usually the destination port.


01.06-30.09.2015 14 000*

All inclusive

01.06-30.09.2015 16 500/2 pex*
Prices in Euro/week. All inclusive: next persons + 500 Euro/week

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