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Lagoon 560 Blue Ocean

British Virgin Islands

Lesser Antilles look from the space like a necklace of pearls dropped to the ocean. Palm fringed tropical islands and sandy reefs are plunged into emerald waters. Visual surprise is natural in Caribbean. It comes with landscape, perfect weather and happy people. Welcome to paradise!

Caribbean Islands has been shaped by nature and history. Each and every island is different here where British, French, Dutch and Spanish speaking islands merge into tropical melting pot. Fresh trade wind breeze cools the air and allows you to sail from British Virgin Islands to Grenada through dozen of magical destinations.


Sighted and named by Christopher Columbus in 1493, the islands still keep their sailing heritage. With steady trade winds, calm currents, protected bays and pirate-ship bars, this is one of the world’s sailing hotspots. Dozen of larger islands and about 50 islets with numerous bays are settled around the region’s main island, Tortola, which is covered with thick vegetation. Nearby, Virgin Gorda boasts a Seychelles-like landscape in the south, where the famous “Baths” beach with its collection of sky-high boulders is found. Northern lying coral atoll Anegada is known for the best lobster around, and the huge Horseshoe Reef, running 30 km south, is the largest coral reef in the Caribbean, where hundreds of shipwrecks can be found. Dozen of smaller islands offer secluded bays (which were once pirate hideaways) and legendary sailing bars. Soggy Dollar Bar is where the Painkiller drink was invented, and the famous Willy T is settled on an old schooner among anchored yachts.

Lagoon 560 Blue Ocean

The yacht, a Lagoon 560 catamaran, is an exclusive, super-comfortable offshore cruising vessel with an international certificate to carry 14 persons without limitations and up to 30 persons while in coastal waters.

The catamaran’s qualities (low draught and great manoeuvreability – the ability to make a 360-degree turn), make her an ideal vessel for manoeuvres in any port and cruising in interesting waters (e.g. coral reefs).

The absence of listing while sailing and the yacht’s size make it comfortable for first-timers or those who suffer from seasickness.

The catamaran houses four double guest cabins, each fully air-conditioned and with a head (bathroom). Each cabin is equipped with a set of towels and bed linen. The crew (skipper and a hostess) is accommodated in a separate area. The galley is equipped with a five-burner gas stove, oven, microwave with grill, coffee machine, 3 fridges, freezer, wine cabinet, ice cube maker, dishwasher and other things.

The yacht is handed over at a time and place convenient for the charterer, within the pre-determined dates and waters where the catamaran sails. Upon request, we can deliver the yacht to any port in the current area. The price for this service is settled individually. We can also provide our Customers with a “one way” option, which means that the charter begins at one place and ends at another, although normally the starting port is also usually the destination port.



Chartering is the option to rent the entire yacht with crew in selected waters. The crew consists of the skipper and a hostess. The crew are the hosts of the yacht and stay with you all the time. The skipper assures your safety on the water and the hostess is responsible for preparing breakfasts, maintenance of cabins and the general care of our guests.

The vessel can be chartered for 8 pax – in 4 double cabins for 7 days and more. We start the charter every day in the week.


Standard A

08.01.-31.03 14 000*

Standard B

20.12.2015-07.01.2016 16 000*

All inclusive A

08.01.-31.03 16 500/2 pex*

All inclusive B

20.12.2015-07.01.2016 20 000/2 pex *
Prices in Euro/week. All inlcusive: next person +500 Euro/week

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