Sun Fast 3600 One & Only

Atlantic Rally for Cruisers 2015

Crossing the Atlantic Ocean under sails in the world biggest regatta for cruisers is like Dakar rally for sailors.

You cannot miss it. Our Jeannau Sun Fast 3600 “One & Only” is ready to challenge the route from Canary Islands to Caribbean in November.

Two weeks of ocean solitude, racing spirit and great team spirit!


Price: 4000 Euro / person

Designed by Daniel Andrieu, the Sun Fast 3600 benefits from the latest advances in vacuum-bagged resin infusion to ensure exceptional strength and rigidity while drastically reducing weight.


Sun Fast 3600 One & Only

The lightweight, powerful hull with its hard chine, twin rudders and lead keel contributes to this new Sun Fast’s speed, balance and stability on all tacks. Perfectly adapted to solo, doublehanded, and crewed regattas, the Sun Fast 3600 is designed to compete in both inshore and offshore races.

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